Friday, July 1, 2011

Hi. Still here!

Where has the time gone! I'm sorry my loves for leaving you all in the dust! I've just been so busy with life that I just cant find time to Write! I've got some prof on how busy I've been! here it is!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A wedding story...

Dear Sarah,
I LOVE YOU! Thank you for letting me do your makeup for your bridals and for your wedding! I had so much fun with you and Ashley and gurrrrrl you looked goooooood!

*shes looking at her ring, I'm looking at those lashes. LOVE FALSIE'S!

Dear Robyn,
You didn't marry my brother like my mom wanted BUT you sure did get your self a catch! You and your Husband are a GORGEOUS couple! Thank you for letting me do your hair and makeup! What an experience!

**I Like the View of her hair in these two pics.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Perfetto Hand

Hello Friends

I have been MIA for awhile and I am so sorry for that! But, while I've been gone I've had great things happening.

The other day at work we were pretty slow so I took a special liking to these little liners from Tokidoki. o la la how amazing they are! The pictures on my hands are characters from the line.

Monday, December 6, 2010


I was looking over pictures today and ran into these! I did make up for my friends "bridals" and for her actual wedding. She looked beautiful! See I doooo actually like doing makeup and it is me doing it! p.s this was when I was in Utah and still a blonde!
*This was for her "Bridals"

**More REAL pictures to come!

*This was befor her actual wedding! Didnt she look beautiful with her father!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Smoke'n eye or Smokey eye

I LOVE A DEEP SULTRY SMOKEY EYE! So, I decided when I was getting ready for work to document my steps. Its really easy and can look good on ANY eye, as long as you fit it to YOUR eye.

Step 1. Your eye should be clean and freshly washed(you should wash your face every morning!)

Step 2. Prime your eye. SO very important. Primer keeps your shadow on and looking fabulous all day long!

Step 3. Pick out your shadows. I used my "naked" pallet from Urban Decay.

Step 4. Put your brown shadow in your crease and or all over your eye to back the rest of your makeup. Mirror it on the bottom of your eye too. I used Horse, from the "Naked" pallet.

Step 5. Keep everything shaded together. This is VERY important.

Step 6. Brow Shade. I used Sin and Virgin. Like always. They are both from the "Naked" pallet.

Step 7. Grab your black shadow. I used my Buxom shadow stick. Its amazing and it comes with perfect smokey eye brush.

Step 8. Line the eye with black. Start out small. Its okay to add but its to hard to remove black.

Step 9. Repeat step 5.

Step 10. Highlight your brow bone. I used my Cargo highlighter pen in "Campaign"

Step 11. Repeat highlight in the inner corner of eye.

Step 12. The Finishing step. Add TONS of mascara and line your inner rim. Also, make sure you blend everything so it looks seamless, giving the effect of "smoke".

There you have it! the perfect smokey eye! SO easy right!